What application materials are required?

The application procedure and required materials are fully described in the application packet, which can be obtained by contacting the Graduate Office in the Psychology Department at Georgia Tech.

Shebbie Murray
Academic Program Coordinator II
Phone: (404) 894-0886

Please refer to the most recent year’s application materials for exact details. A complete application will include all of the following materials:

1) Psychology graduate application which you can download here.
2) A statement of objectives, experiences, and future goals (this is part of the online application)
3) Three letters of recommendation (sealed)
4) The GRE is not required but highly recommended, and official GRE scores should be sent from ETS. The Psychology subject test is not required either, but strongly recommended for the best consideration for persons interested in working in the Kanfer-Ackerman lab.
5) All official transcripts for coursework completed (both undergraduate and graduate). Please note that your application will not be complete until the official copies arrive.
6) For international students, proof of English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL scores)

When applying to the graduate school, it is important that you apply to both the School of Psychology and the Georgia Institute of Technology Graduate School. There is no fee for applying to the School of Psychology, but a $50 application fee is required by the graduate school.






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