Sunni Newton

I am 6th year student in Georgia Tech’s PhD program in industrial organizational psychology, with a minor in quantitative psychology. I attended Georgia Tech as an undergraduate, double-majoring in psychology and management. I worked for several years as a graduate research assistant in the Knowledge and Skill Lab. I spent two years as a graduate research assistant in Georgia Tech’s Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning where I assisted with assessment and data analysis for ongoing CETL projects. I completed my first semester of teaching as the instructor of record for a section of PSYC 1101 in Fall, 2011. I’m currently working as a graduate research assistant for Dr. Julia Melkers in Georgia Tech’s School of Public Policy, where I’m assisting with a research project on the academic networks of STEM faculty. My master’s thesis involved an investigation of caffeine and cognitive fatigue. I am currently working on my dissertation project, which is a study of gender differences in the career paths of STEM academic faculty.

Contact Information

Sunni’s CV can be found here.