Unica Hodge

I am interested in conducting research that, operationalizes, measures and explores intersectionality and the resulting impacts; makes explicit our implicit biases; encourages the promotion of prosocial behaviors; and, leads to change in inequitable workplace/institutional policies and practices.  Vulnerability, empathy, physiological response to, and behaviors born out of these are also desired focus areas for research.

Unica Hodge

In this article we selectively review major advances in research on motivation in work and organizational behavior since the founding of Organizational Behavior and Human Performance (now Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes) 50 years ago. Using a goal-based organizing rubric, we highlight the most impactful articles and summarize research progress over time related to understanding the why, where, how, what, and when of motivation during goal choice and goal enactment. We also note macro-level trends in motivation research published in this journal, including the shift away from publishing new, core theories of work motivation in favor of using new approaches published elsewhere to examine key micro-regulatory processes involved in goal decisions and goal pursuit. We conclude with discussion of promising future research directions.

Motivation in organizational behavior: History, advances, and prospects

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