Hannah Ramil

University of Michigan

Hannah Ramil

Ryan Krepps

Ph.D., 1994
Former Executive Consultant, Korn Ferry (retired)

Maynard Goff

Justin Sabree

Robert J. Schneider

Robert E. Goska

Todd C. Murtha

Eric L. Rolfhus

Ph.D., 1997
Chair of the Department of Psychological Science at University of NC – Charlotte

Eric D. Heggestad

Kevin A. Field

Anna T. Cianciolo

M.S., 2001
Advisor, Press Ganey

Kristy (Bowen) Reeves

Mary O. Boyle

Margaret E. Beier

Ph.D., 2005
Chief Product Officer at PDRI

Tracy M. Kantrowitz

Stacey (Wolman) Shapiro

Erin (Page) Zolna

BS: Psychology (Louisiana State University, 2014)
Graduate Major: Psychology (Industrial / Organizational)
I joined the Knowledge and Skill Lab in the summer of 2014. My interests include motivation, self-regulation and resource allocation.

Ben Perrodin

Lecturer, Oglethorpe University
Ph.D., 2020; M.S., 2016

Ilya Gokhman

Victor Ellingsen

Ph.D., 2009
Marketing Analytics Manager, Microchip Technology Inc.

Mark Wolf

Ph.D., 2015

HumRRO Research Scientist

Samuel Posnock

Ph.D., 2010
Assistant Professor of Psychology,
Middle East Technical University

Yonca Toker

M.S., 2011
Team Lead at Chick Fil A

Katie (McNulty) Fowler

Ph.D., 2013
Russell Reynolds Associates

Erin Marie (Conklin) Collins

I attended Tulane University as an undergraduate, receiving my B.S. in psychology in the spring of 2006.  While at Tulane, I worked as a research assistant on several different projects with students and faculty in the industrial – organizational psychology program, increasing my interest in this area of psychological research. I joined the Knowledge and Skill Lab at Georgia Tech in the Fall of 2007. My master’s thesis analyzed the role of personality traits, time of day, and day of the week in predicting state subjective fatigue. My current research interests are focused on outcomes associated with disengaging from the work role during off-job time, strategies for managing the boundary between work and non-work life, and the contribution of off-job activities to recovery from work.

Charles’ CV can be found here.

Charles Calderwood

Ph.D., 2015

Matthew Betts

I am 6th year student in Georgia Tech’s PhD program in industrial organizational psychology, with a minor in quantitative psychology. I attended Georgia Tech as an undergraduate, double-majoring in psychology and management. I worked for several years as a graduate research assistant in the Knowledge and Skill Lab. I spent two years as a graduate research assistant in Georgia Tech’s Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning where I assisted with assessment and data analysis for ongoing CETL projects. I completed my first semester of teaching as the instructor of record for a section of PSYC 1101 in Fall, 2011. I’m currently working as a graduate research assistant for Dr. Julia Melkers in Georgia Tech’s School of Public Policy, where I’m assisting with a research project on the academic networks of STEM faculty. My master’s thesis involved an investigation of caffeine and cognitive fatigue. I am currently working on my dissertation project, which is a study of gender differences in the career paths of STEM academic faculty.

Contact Information

Sunni’s CV can be found here.