Haden Fulkerson

Haden Fulkerson is a Freshman at Emory University. He plans to declare majors in Political Science and Psychology. . After college, Haden will enroll in a PhD program to study Industrial Organizational Psychology and aspires to contribute to the general knowledge of work environments and employee satisfaction through research.

Haden Fulkerson

I am a third-year psychology major with a minor in both Spanish and Science, Technology and Society. I am new to the GT Park lab and am excited to explore the Industrial Psychology Field as I plan on attending graduate school to pursue a PhD in IO psychology. 

Calyn Siver

I am a current second year Neuroscience student hoping to go into grad school and a career in research. I am interested in science communication and mental health. I joined the lab Summer 2021, and I am planning to graduate in Spring 2024.

Claire Deng

I’m majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Psychology! I joined the PARK lab in summer of 2021 and will be graduating spring of 2022. I hope to do research in the future and am particularly interested in neuro- and psychopharmacology.

Cecelia Lu

I graduated Fall 2020 with a B.S. in Psychology and minors in Mathematics and Spanish. I joined the GT PARK Lab in Summer 2019 and have helped on tasks such as literature reviews, IRB forms, and data cleaning. I am interested in the topics of workplace diversity and hope to pursue graduate training within that area. I completed my Senior Thesis in Fall 2020 titled “The influence of student immigrant generational status on STEM major choice.

Victoria Pham

I recently joined the PARK Lab in Spring 2021 as an undergraduate research assistant. I am a Psychology major with a minor in Biology, and I am planning on attending a Physician Assistant school after I graduate.

Grace Herron

I am interested in conducting research that, operationalizes, measures and explores intersectionality and the resulting impacts; makes explicit our implicit biases; encourages the promotion of prosocial behaviors; and, leads to change in inequitable workplace/institutional policies and practices.  Vulnerability, empathy, physiological response to, and behaviors born out of these are also desired focus areas for research.