We are a co-laboratory jointly managed by Dr. Ruth Kanfer and Dr. Phillip L. Ackerman.


Phillip L. Ackerman Professor of Psychology

Phillip L. Ackerman
Ph.D. (1984) Quantitative/Measurement Psychology
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

My research spans several related research areas of differential, educational, cognitive, applied experimental, and industrial and organizational psychology.

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Ruth Kanfer Professor of Psychology

Ruth Kanfer
Ph.D. (1981) Psychology
Arizona State University

My research examines the role of motivation, personality, emotion, and self-regulation in training, performance, and work transitions across the lifespan.

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Post-Doctoral Fellows

Alex LoPilato Alex LoPilato Full profile

Graduate Students

Ben Perrodin Ben Perrodin Full profile
Justin Sabree Justin Sabree Full profile


Lab Coordinator

Chantrea Kreus Chantrea Kreus Full profile

Research Assistants

Carley Taronji Carley Taronji Full profile
Hope Mumme Hope Mumme Full profile
Jen Chandler-Adesegun Jen Chandler-Adesegun Full profile
Kaitlyn Hoover Kaitlyn Hoover Full profile
Megan Shaffer Megan Shaffer Full profile
Pranav Manem Pranav Manem Full profile
Sarah Philpott Sarah Philpott Full profile


Graduate Alumni

Victor Ellingsen

Ph.D., 2017
Department of Defense

Samuel Posnock

Ph.D., 2015
SRA International

Ilya Gokhman

Ph.D. student
Northwestern University

Matthew Betts

Ph.D., 2015
Strategic Management Decisions

Sunni Newton

Ph.D., 2013
Georgia Tech Center for Education Integrating Science

Erin Marie Conklin

Ph.D., 2013
Russell Reynolds Associates

Charles Calderwood

Ph.D., 2012
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University

Katie (McNulty) Fowler

M.S., 2011
Training Consultant, Chick fil A

Yonka Toker

Ph.D., 2010
Assistant Professor of Psychology,
Middle East Technical University

Mark Wolf

Ph.D., 2009
Research Data Management & Grant Development Analyst, Maricopa County Education Service Agency

Erin Page

Ph.D., 2007
Russell Reynolds Associates

Stacey (Wolman) Shapiro

Ph.D., 2005
Russell Reynolds Associates

Tracy M. Kantrowitz

Ph.D., 2005

Margaret E. Beier

Ph.D., 2003
Associate Professor of Psychology,
Rice University

Mary O. Boyle

M.S., 2003
Pontus Consulting

Kristy R. Bowen

M.S., 2001

Anna T. Cianciolo

Ph.D., 2001
Associate Professor,
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Eric L. Rolfhus

Ph.D., 1999
Voyager Sopris Learning

Kevin A. Field

Ph.D., 1998
Research Director, Ball Foundation

Eric D. Heggestad

Ph.D., 1997
Associate Professor of Psychology, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Todd C. Murtha

M.A., 1994
CEO, Careerwave

Robert J. Schneider

Ph.D., 1994
President, Research & Assessment Solutions

Undergraduate Alumni

Chelsi Battle
Ph.D. student in Counseling Psychology
Auburn University
Anat Fintzi
Kathrina Robotham
Ph.D. student in Psychology
University of Michigan
Mike Morrison
Ph.D. student in I-O Psychology
Michigan State
Vicki Shaw
Sushma Sudhi
D.O. student at Nova Southeastern University college of Osteopathic Medicine
Kristin Horan
Ph.D. student in I-O Psychology, Bowling Green State University
Chen Zuo
I-O Psychology Graduate Student at Rice University
Lauren Danish
School Counselor,
Gwinnett County Public Schools
Aurora Dixon
Ph.D. student in I-O Psychology,
Michigan State University
Richelle Reinhart
Danielle King
Ph.D. student in I-O Psychology,
Michigan State University
Trishna Patel
Ethan Craig
MD, MPH candidate at the University of Iowa
Joni Lakin
Ph.D., University of Iowa, 2010
Assistant Professor, Auburn University
Kathryn Daniel
Tracy Saloka
Connie L. Vogt
Piper Vornholt
Jill Ellingson
Associate Professor,
Ohio State University