Become a research assistant!

Responsibilities of a research assistant:

  • Develop/review test materials
  • Assist in study preparation and execution
  • Recruit study participants
  • Enter/verify data
  • Perform clerical/administrative tasks around the lab
  • Conduct literature reviews

Qualifications of a research assistant:

  • Strong GPA
  • Interest in I/O psychology
  • Reliability
  • Ability to work on teams
  • Background in one or more of the following areas:
    research design, statistics, computer programming, and/or psychology

Benefits of being a research assistant:

  • Learn about careers and graduate programs in psychology.
  • Gain research experience relevant in graduate admissions.
  • Earn detailed letters of reference.
  • Get a first-hand understanding of the psychological research design and process.
  • Gain experience working in a team environment.
  • Develop computer and research skills (Microsoft Office, DOS, library use).
  • Opportunity to write a senior honors thesis or other milestone projects.
  • Research assistants may work for credit hours or pay, depending on experience level and funding.


Our research assistants (past and present) speak about their time working in the Kanfer-Ackerman lab.

“I received nothing but amazing guidance from Dr. Kanfer, Dr. Ackerman, and my peers in the PARK Lab. During my tenure, I acquired a variety of skill sets that are applicable in both graduate studies and in applied settings.”

Chantrea Anna Kreus

People and Culture Associate, Grant Thornton LLP

“The PARK Lab has given me invaluable skills that can be utilized in a multitude of psychology career paths, whether it be graduate school or consulting.”

Jen Chandler-Adesegun

People Operations Manager, Ellevation Education

“My time in the PARK Lab has given me valuable research experience in all aspects of recruiting and conducting observational behavior.”

Sarah Philpott

Engineer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center


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RAs typically work around 10-15 hours in the lab. If interested in course credit, please be aware that 1 credit hour typically translates to 3 hours of lab work, and RAs typically sign up for a 3 credit-hour course.

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