Recent News and Awards


PARK Lab Student Leads Alumni Association Events

Ph.D. student Lucas Provine presented two research-based events for the Alumni Association this fall:

  • A virtual webinar on how employees develop attitudes about new technology and how those attitudes influence their decisions about using it, entitled: “Embracing (or Avoiding) Technology in the Workplace”. Follow this link to watch Lucas’ webinar now!
  • A survey development workshop, designed to support the Association’s use of surveys to improve their resources, programming, and events.

PARK Lab Students Present at Work, Stress, and Health Conference

Ph.D. students Becca Storey and Jenny Egan-Erickson will present posters at the annual Work, Stress, and Health conference this fall.

Jenny will present a poster on her master’s thesis research entitled: “The sounds of home: Unpacking the effects of auditory inputs on the work from home experience”.

Becca will present a poster on her recent meta-analytic research entitled: “Job demands and alcohol use: A meta-analysis”.

PARK Lab Student Presents on Workspace Design Research

Ph.D. student Jenny Egan-Erickson will present her recent research on workspace and home/remote work design at multiple venues this fall including:

  • A key speaker presentation at the Corporate Real Estate Workgroup annual conference. Her presentation is entitled: “Designing Attractive Spaces for the Future of Work: What Research Tells Us”.
  • A symposium with colleagues Dr. Sonit Bafna, Yeinn Oh, and Mansi Shah. Her presentation is entitled: “Workspaces Reexamined: Implications for Design, Management, and Employee Wellbeing”. 

PARK Lab Student Presents on Adult Learning Research to NSF Committee

Ph.D. student Sibley Lyndgaard will present in June 2023 at AI-ALOE’s annual NSF grant review, covering the lab’s program of research on adult learning and its applications to the development and evaluation of AI learning technologies. To learn more about AI-ALOE, check out the website here.

PARK Lab Alumnus Publishes Internal Gallup Research Article

One of former Ph.D. student Corey Tatel’s projects as a Gallup Workplace Research Intern was selected for publication on their public-facing site, co-authored with Gallup Chief Scientist Jim Asplund. The article covers the prevalence of burnout at work, and how people may not always turn to the most effective coping strategies. Check it out here, and be sure to download the resource guide linked in the article for complete analyses!

PARK Lab Student Co-Organizes Inaugural Atlanta-Area Psychology Conference

Alongside peers from Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, and Emory University, Ph.D. student Lucas Provine helped to organize the first annual Better Together conference, which brings together Atlanta-area psychology departments. The conference includes research talks, a lab fair and poster session, and student-oriented workshops for all levels from undergraduate to doctoral.

Summer 2022 Internship Placements

Jenny Egan-Erickson – Organizational Development Intern (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)

Sibley Lyndgaard – Future Forum Intern (Slack)

Corey Tatel – Workplace Research Intern (Gallup)

Lucas Provine – Intern (Georgia Tech Institutional Research and Planning)

PARK Lab Research Assistant Presents at Inaugural Georgia Tech Psychology Conference

Former RA Victoria Pham (B.S. Psychology, 2022) presented her senior thesis research at the first Annual Conference of Psychological Research (ACPR) hosted by Georgia Tech. Victoria’s thesis investigated the effect of immigrant generational status on academic major choice.

Dr. Kanfer’s New Book Featured by Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech hosted a discussion-based event focused on lab co-director Dr. Ruth Kanfer’s newest book, Ageless Talent: Enhancing the Performance and Well-Being of Your Age-Diverse Workforce. Check it out here!

Summer 2021 Internship Placements

Corey Tatel – Global Talent Management Intern (Johnson & Johnson)

Sibley Lyndgaard – Culture and Workforce Development Intern (NASA)

Jenny Egan-Erickson – Research Intern (Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting)

Lucas Provine – Research Intern (Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting)

Summer 2020 Internship Placements

Sibley Lyndgaard – I-O Psychology Research Intern (American Institutes for Research)

Corey Tatel – Accepted offer as Workplace Research Intern (Gallup). After a COVID-related disruption to plans, completed a GRA with Dr. Ackerman on research designed to expand the construct space of selection to include more realistic measures of adult intelligence.

PARK Lab Student Gives AI Tutorial to Lab Members

In Fall 2022, PhD student Lucas Provine presented an introductory AI tutorial to graduate students and research assistants in the PARK Lab.

Dr. Kanfer Invited to Speak in SIOP Events

Dr. Ruth Kanfer was one of several contributors to SIOP’s Virtual Conference Closing Plenary Program in June 2020 on “Perspectives on Possible Future of I-O”.


Dr. Kanfer Receives Best Meta-Analysis Award

Dr. Kanfer received SIOP’s 2020 Schmidt-Hunter Meta-Analysis Award (with C. Wanberg, D. J. Hamann, & Z. Zhang) as recognition for the best meta-analytic paper of the year. The 2016 Psychological Bulletin (Vol. 142, pp. 400-426) paper is entitled: Age and reemployment success after job loss: An integrative model and meta-analysis.

PARK Lab Research Assistant Receives CoS Research Award

Former Lab Coordinator Sara Brockmeier was awarded a College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Award.

PARK Lab Student Receives NSF GRFP Honorable Mention

Ph.D. student Sibley Lyndgaard received an honorable mention in the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program for 2019-2020.