We welcome undergraduate and graduate students interested in working in the lab to contact us.

Become a research assistant!

Responsibilities of a research assistant:

  • Develop/review test materials
  • Assist in study preparation and execution
  • Recruit study participants
  • Enter/verify data
  • Perform clerical/administrative tasks around the lab
  • Conduct literature reviews

Qualifications of a research assistant:

  • Strong GPA
  • Interest in I/O psychology
  • Reliability
  • Ability to work on teams
  • Background in one or more of the following areas:
    research design, statistics, computer programming, and/or psychology

Benefits of being a research assistant:

  • Learn about careers and graduate programs in psychology.
  • Gain research experience relevant in graduate admissions.
  • Earn detailed letters of reference.
  • Get a¬†first-hand understanding of the psychological research design and process.
  • Gain experience working in a team environment.
  • Develop computer and research skills (Microsoft Office, DOS, library use).
  • Opportunity to write a senior honors thesis or other milestone projects.
  • Research assistants may work for credit hours or pay,¬†depending on experience level and funding.

More testimonials from our staff

Our research assistants (past and present) speak about their time working in the Kanfer-Ackerman lab.


Chantrea Anna Kreus | People and Culture Associate, Grant Thornton LLP

I received nothing but amazing guidance from Dr. Kanfer, Dr. Ackerman, and my peers in the PARK Lab. During my tenure, I acquired a variety of skill sets that are applicable in both graduate studies and in applied settings.


Jen Chandler-Adesegun | People Operations Manager, Ellevation Education

The PARK Lab has given me invaluable skills that can be utilized in a multitude of psychology career paths, whether it be graduate school or consulting.


Sarah Philpott | B.S., 2017 Engineer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

My time in the PARK Lab has given me valuable research experience in all aspects of recruiting and conducting observational behavior.